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Les sauteurs Norvégiens signent l'exploit

La Norvège a remporté samedi l'épreuve par équipes de la Coupe du monde de saut à skis de Willingen en Allemagne, devant les grands favoris Autrichiens et l'Allemagne.

Les Scandinaves avec une équipe inédite composée de Anders Fannemel, Rune Velta, Vegard-Haukoe Sklett, Anders Bardal se sont imposés avec 999,2 points, devançant de 25,9 points les champions du monde et champions olympique Autrichiens.

Voilà qui en dit long sur le talent de cette nouvelle génération de sauteurs Norvégiens emmenée aujourd'hui par un superbe Sklett, tout cela à quelques jours des mondiaux de Vol à Ski sur le plus grand tremplin du monde à Vikersund.

Les réactions : source FIS

Rune Velta (NOR): "Our win was a great team effort. For sure, it’s great to do as well as we did today and to have a lead before the next competitions. But there are still four competitions left and so nothing is decided yet. For tomorrow’s individual competition I just hope I’ll be able to jump as well as today and achieve a good result.”
Martin Koch (AUT): “We could stand on top of the podium today because the Norwegians simply jumped better. They showed four excellent performances. We had a decent level but that was not enough to win. Norway absolutely deserved the victory. Of course, we will try to fight back tomorrow and I think all of us four still had room for improvement. In addition to that, there will be three more Austrians to compete for the podium and we'll try to make up for today's second place. I really am looking forward to tomorrow's competition, the hill is very well prepared and the atmosphere is stunning.”
Severin Freund (GER): “I am very satisfied, it was a good competition for me today. Finally, another podium for the German team. We have been in the fourth spot a lot in the past few months which is always annoying. But to achieve this at the start of the Team Tour in front of a home crowd is really fantastic. For tomorrow, I just try to focus on my own technique and to continue my upward tendency.”

  Classement du concours par équipes de Harrachov:

  1. Norvège        999,2 points
  (Anders Fannemel, Rune Velta, Vegard-Haukoe Sklett, Anders Bardal)
  2. Autriche       976,3
  3. Allemagne      963,7

Le classement complet ICI

Photo : Nordic Focus


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