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Les principaux résultats

* Saut à la perche : Concours disputé en ville, la veille du meeting avec un Mondo Duplantis qui va réussir un super 6.10m et bien entendu remporter un nouveau succès.


* 400m haies hommes : Khalifah Rosser (USA) s'impose avec un beau 47'68 devant le vice champion d'Europe Wilfried Happio 48'66, dont voici la réaction :

"I am satisfied with my race. I was quite tired with the World Championships, the European Championships and the season that comes to its end. I came here to enjoy the competition, with the support of the spectators.

With the other competitors, we know each other well and enjoy running together. I had to wait three years to beat my PB and this season I did it by more than one second. There is no particular reason I broke my PB, I am just good in my life.

I have a good and healthy balance. I started studying again and this structured my days. I needed to orgaise myself better. My coach Olivier and I trust each other. We work well together, have a good trainings group and good medical staff. Next up are Brussels, Zürich and Bellinzona. I just want to have fun there."


* 400m haies dames : Femke Bol, encore une fois impressionnante et rapide, triple championne d'Europe à Munich, s'impose en 52'95, record du meeting.

"It's amazing to run a MR here and run again in 52, especially in this beautiful city. The first 200m felt easy and I wasn't too close to the hurdles. The second part is my better part this year.

 I was less tired than expected actually. In the last days I spent 11 hours a day in bed. I am glad that I have some days rest till my last race of the season in Zürich."


* 800m dames : Médaillée elle aussi à Munich, Renelle Lamote fait briller l'athlé Français en remportant cette course en patronne avec un excellent chrono de 1'57"84, record personnel.

"I am really happy that I came home with the victory and a new PB. The first lap was really fast and I felt I was on a good tempo. I was a little bit afraid that they would slow down in the second part of the race so I just took the lead.

I have had my best season so far. I found a good balance in my personal life. I can do my sport, enjoy my trainings and also the competitions.

I think people see that when I race. The goal this season was to be amongst the best in the world. I think I did kinda well. Now I want to go for faster times and be on the highest level possible. Next up are Rovereto and the final in Zürich."


* 110m haies : Record personnel et deuxième partie de course incroyable pour le Jamaïcan Rasheed Broadbell qui gagne en 12'99 (vent nul). Cunningham et Holloway sur le podium, Martinot Lagarde 7e en 13'58. 

"I´m thanking God right now, I will never forget this race, its my first time under 13 seconds and i´m very happy for it. Everyone comes here to do their best, so I just focus on my own race and try to execute what I have practiced in training.

I started my season with injuries but as you can see as the season is progressing, its getting better and better. New training camp, much better results, the proof is there. I am happy with how things are going right now."


* Javelot hommes : Le champion olympique Indien Neeraj Chopra, suivi par 6 millions de fans sur les réseaux sociaux, s'impose avec un jet énorme à 89.08m

"I am delighted with my result tonight. 89m is a great performance. I am specially pleased as I am coming back from an injury and tonight was a good indicator that I have recovered well.

I had to skip Commonwealth Games due to injury and I was a bit nervous. Tonight has given me a lot of confidence to finish the season on a high, with a strong performace in Zurich DL Final."


* 1500m hommes : Encore une course fabuleuse pour le Norvégien Jakob Ingebrigtsen qui termine avec un chrono de 3'29"05. Meilleure performance mondiale de l'année pour ce grand champion qui aura décroché 5 médailles mondiales ou Européennes cette année.

"It was a pretty good race. Luckily the pacemaker was pushing the first 700m. The risk was that the pace would slow down when he quits, so I had to push and it turned out well. I think I could have gone faster. Overall I had a good season.

Obviously I was disappointed in Eugene. There are always things I can do better and it doesn't always go as expected. For the end of the season and next year I have to put in a lot of work to get faster and break records. Next year it will also be easier with just one Championship."


* Triple saut hommes : Démonstration des Cubains avec Andy Diaz Hernandez vainqueur avec un excellent 17.67m devant ses compatriotes Martinez 17.50m et Diaz Fortun 17.44m. Pontvianne 8e avec un tout petit 16.11m.


* Saut à la perche dames : Battue a Munich, l'excellente Slovène Tina Sutej s'impose avec 4.70m. La médaillée d'or surprise des CE, Wilma Murto (FIN) termine 3e avec 4.60m.

"This has been a season of ups and downs, but the good thing is that I have always managed to bounce back. Tonight was another good night despite the regular achilles problem that I suffer from.

I am going to keep pushing myself and keep performing at my best, that´s how I want to finish, what has been a truly great season for me."


* Saut en hauteur hommes : Concours très décevant avec 4 hommes à seulement 2.24m pour la gagne. L'Ukrainien Andryi Protsentko devancera aux essais Barsheem, Harrison et Kerr


* Triple saut dames : L'imbattable Yulimar Rojas, Vénézuela, tellement facile, tellement au dessus de ses rivales, s'impose presque tranquillement avec un énorme 15.31m.

"It was a lovely night in Lausanne. I managed to improve my jumps in regards to other competitions. I love the atmosphere, it was really nice to compete here. I had a fantastic season. I am happy to be regular around 15m. I still have one event left.

Who knows, the world record is still on my mind. I am looking forward to have some more jumps with hopefully a Diamond League win in Zürich. We have been working hard and physically I am feeling really great. I need to trust myself a little more. Hope that I have still that one chance in the next days."


* 3000m dames : Record du meeting pour Francine Nyonsaba (BUR), 8'26"80, qui revient passer l'Américaine Alicia Monson sur la ligne. Seulement 0.01sec sépare les deux athlètes.

"It was a bit of disappointing season for me as I missed the World Championships. Nevertheless, happy to be getting back in my stride. It was a MR performance tonight. I felt really good and I want to build on it and do well at the DL Final in Zurich, if I get the chance to compete there."


* 100m dames : Shelly Ann Fraser, quintuple championne du monde, a malheureusement déclarer forfait juste avant la course en raison d'une blessure survenue durant son échauffement. Quelques minutes plus tard c'est la quintuple championne olympique Elaine Thompson Herah qui est disqualifié pour faux départ !

Du coup le plateau de ce 100m féminin en prend un sacré coup, et c'est dommage pour le spectacle. Aleia Hobbs (USA) a réussi à conserver son énergie pour venir gagner en 10'87, un super chrono. 

"I had a good start today and I know that if I start well I can get great times. I´m happy with the 10.87, its another sub 10.9s clocking for me.

This is my first time running in Lausanne, funny enough, I was supposed to do my professional debut here a few years ago and I got injured and couldnt race, so its great to finally be able to run on this track. Its been a long season but I´m looking forward to the finals in Zurich."


* Poids hommes : Joe Kovacs (USA) envoie son engin à 22.65m au 2e essai, largement suffisant pour devancer son collègue Ryan Crouser, champion du monde en titre.


* 3000m steeple hommes : Soufiane El Bakkali, le Marocain, incontestable N°1 de la discipline, a fait cavalier seul pour venir chercher la gagne en 8'02"45, tout près du record du meeting.

"I am really happy with the time especially after the World Championships, I was really tired. I am glad I ran this time in those conditions.

I had to run basically all the race alone, but the two pacemakers did a really good job. I had to keep up the pace once they left. I came here for the victory, that's what I have done, so I am happy."


* 100m haies : Record du meeting pour Jasmine Camacho Quinn. La Portoricaine, championne olympique en titre, battue aux mondiaux, prend une petite revanche et s'impose avec un excellent 12'34 devant la médaillée d'or d'Eugene, Tobi Amusan.


* 400m dames : Marileidy Paulino, République Dominicaine, remporte le tour de piste en 49'87. Un chrono qui ne restera pas dans les annales.


* 200m hommes : On attendait cette course avec impatience et on a pas été déçu. Accroché par Norman jusqu'au virage, le champion du monde Noah Lyles a mis le turbo dans la dernière ligne droite pour venir chercher la gagne avec un énorme 19'56. 

"I would have taken anything under 19.60, so 19.56 is alright for tonight. I could have gone faster but I am not going to fret too much about it. I am going to run the 100m in Berlin and 200m in Zurich so there are quite a few meets in the coming weeks.

As I said earlier, I am in a good physical and mental space and very capable of producing some good times this year. I have not run the 100m in a while so I am looking forwrad to doing that in Berlin. I feel if I have a 19.30 in me, I will not be too far from a 9.70 in the 100."