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Les principaux résultats :

* Saut en hauteur dames : Très attendue l'excellente Yaroslava Mahuchikh (UKR) passe 2.01m et signe la MPM 2023.

"I am exteremly happy for jumping 2.01 metres and achieving the Meeting Record and the World Lead. It's definitely a boost for me to keep up and achieve more victories.

I am happy to be in Rabat, this is my second time in a row here. It's a great place especially the crowd was phenomenal and the weather was beautiful. Great job for such great organization."


* 800m hommes : Victoire du Kenyan Emmanuel Wanyonyi en 1'44"36

* Disque hommes : Succès du colosse Kristjan Ceh (TCH) avec un remarquable 70.32m


* 110m haies hommes : Malgré un vent de -1.3, le Jamaicain Rasheed Broadbell s'impose en 13'08, record personnel. Holloway 2e, Parchment 3e, Martinot Lagarde 7e.

"I am happy about how I performed today. I am pleased to get this win. I managed to get this victory by being focused during the race. My goal this year is to execute well.

I would like to thank the crowd here for being supportive and fantastic. I am gettimg ready for the world championship by staying healthy and in good shape."


* 1500m dames : Victoire et MPM 2023 pour Gudaf Tsegay (ETH) en 3'54"03


* Triple saut dames : Superbe saut à 14.84m de la Cubaine Leyanis Perez Hernandez, MPM 2023

*400m hommes : Steven Gardiner (BAH) remporte le tour de piste avec un bon 44'70

* 200m dames : La fusée Shericka Jackson (JAM) gagne en 21'98, record du meeting.


* 1500m hommes : Jakob Ingebrigtsen (NOR), déjà bien affuté, s'impose en patron avec un très bon chrono de 3'32"59

"I am happy about my performance. I felt good. I could run faster but it was a bit difficult in the last turn because of the wind. I won the race as I was feeling good and thanks to the training I have had.

I hope the other athletes had a good race. I am trying to get ready for the upcomimg competitions. I was surprised at the atmosphere and at the support of the crowd."


* 100m hommes : Le grand favori Fred Kerley (USA) s'impose en 9'94, vent quasi nul.

"I can't describe my happiness for winning this race and hitting the Meeting Record today. This is the result the I was expecting and I will keep up to achieve and reach the world Championship in the best shape ever.

The crowd was amazing and the amtosphere was incredible especially the weather here in Rabat. I would definitely keep the same record for the next competitions."


* 800m dames : Mary Moraa (KEN) gagne en 1'58"72


* 3000m steeple hommes : Le héros local, champion olympique, Soufiane El Bakkali frappe un très grand coup et vient chercher la gagne avec un chrono énorme de 7'56"68, MPM 2023, record personnel, 8e chrono de tous les temps.

"I can't desribe my happiness for achieving the Meeting Record, Personal Best, and World Lead. My aim was to break the World Record but I got tired in the last lap.

Now I will rest to get ready for the upcoming competitions and especially for the World Championship where my aim is to maintain my title.

I would like to seize this opportunity to thank the President of the Federation and our King for his constant help and support for the athletes. I am also grateful for the fabulous support of the audience which was a great motivator to finish strong."