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La sélection Française

Dames : Orlann Olière (60 m), Amandine Brossier (400 m), Agathe Guillemot (1 500 m), Solenn Compper (60 m haies), Cyrena Samba-Mayela (60 m haies), Margot Chevrier (perche), Ilionis Guillaume (triple saut).

Hommes : Jeff Erius (60 m), Benjamin Robert (800 m), Wilhem Belocian (60 m haies), Just Kwaou-Mathey (60 m haies), Thibaut Collet (perche), Makenson Gletty (heptathlon).


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Vendredi 1er mars

Finale Poids dames

🥇 1. CAN - Sarah Mitton - 20.22 SB

🥈 2. GER - Yemisi Ogunleye - 20.19 PB

🥉 3. USA - Chase Jackson - 19.67


Finale Hauteur dames

🥇 1. AUS - Nicola Olyslagers - 1.99

🥈 2. UKR - Yaroslava Mahuchikh - 1.97

🥉 3. SLO - Lia Apostolovski - 1.95 =PB

La réaction de la gagnante :

"I felt today was going to be a big challenge because I hadn't competed indoors since 2017. I came here today because I knew I had to get outside my comfort zone, outside of Australia. With that mindset and the track being so fast, I had to fight for every jump.

Then the bar went up to 1.99 and I remembered I had jumped the same height on a cold, windy night in Melbourne two weeks ago. I had a slight doubt that if I ran too fast I might get injured but I recognised that it's just fear.

I know that the love of God can destroy fear so I said, I need your love right now and I jumped, and I was smiling, and the next thing you know it was a 10 out 10 jump. The goal today wasn't to win, it was to jump high and I just happened to get the title out of it." 


Finale Poids hommes

🥇 1. USA - Ryan Crouser - 22.77 CR

🥈 2. NZL - Tom Walsh - 22.07

🥉 3. ITA - Leonardo Fabbri - 21.96



🥇 1. BEL - Noor Vidts - 4773 points WL

🥈 2. FIN - Saga Vanninen - 4677 NR

🥉 3. NED - Sofie Dokter - 4571 SB


Finale 60m hommes

🥇 1. USA - Christian Coleman - 6.41 WL

🥈 2. USA - Noah Lyles - 6.44

🥉 3. JAM - Ackeem Blake - 6.46

La réaction du vainqueur :

"I had a lot of confidence in myself coming in. You have to feel confident in yourself. I set my mind on letting my body do what I have been doing in practice and I came out with a win.

I can look forward to the rest of the summer (with an Olympics on the horizon). I've got so many things to work on and I am just looking forward to these opportunities When you get these opportunities, you have got to take them."



Samedi 2 mars

Finale longueur hommes

🥇 1. GRE - Miltiadis Tentoglou - 8.22

🥈 2. ITA - Mattia Furlani - 8.22

🥉 3. JAM - Carey McLeod - 8.21 SB


Finale 3000m dames

🥇 Elle St. Pierre (USA) - 8:20.87

🥈 Gudaf Tsegay (ETH) - 8:21.13

🥉 Beatrice Chepkoech (KEN) - 8:22.68


Finale 3000m hommes

🥇 Josh Kerr (GBR) - 7:42.98

🥈 Yared Nuguse (USA) - 7:43.59 SB

🥉 Selemon Barega (ETH) - 7:43.64


Finale Perche dames

🥇 Molly Caudery (GBR) - 4.80

🥈 Eliza McCartney (NZL) - 4.80

🥉 Katie Moon (USA) - 4.75


Finale 400m hommes

🥇 Alexander Doom (BEL) - 45.25 NR

🥈 Karsten Warholm (NOR) - 45.34 SB

🥉 Rusheen McDonald (JAM) - 45.65 PB

La réaction du vainqueur :

"It's amazing. I never expected this because we didn't really have this is our sights. Usually I am just focused on the 4x4. But I loved running individually. The heats and the semis went really well yesterday and to beat Karsten Warholm today is really amazing.

He's an Olympic champion and has won almost everything there is. Not many people have beaten him. At the finish line I felt so, so, so gorgeous.

Now the focus is back on the 4x4 and qualifying for the Olympics from the World Relays. And then it's the summer. The European championships is a big goal for me."


Finale 400m dames

🥇 Femke Bol (NED) - 49.17 WR

🥈 Lieke Klaver (NED) - 50.16

🥉 Alexis Holmes (USA) - 50.24 PB

La réaction de la gagnante :

"It was amazing. It was such a strong race, I knew I had to go out fast. My coach said to me ' you can run faster' but to be honest I just wanted to win.

This is great because I've not done hurdles for four weeks and it gives me confidence. And to get this with Lieke, it's so good for our sport and our team. I am missing the hurdles. I mean, I like the 400 and I must say I like the indoors a bit more than the outdoors.

It is just great to race. I enjoy racing and this competition and the atmosphere has been amazing."


Finale 60m haies hommes

🥇 Grant Holloway (USA) - 7.29 =CR

🥈 Lorenzo Ndele Simonelli (ITA) - 7.43 NR

🥉 Just Kwaou-Mathey (FRA) - 7.47

La réaction du Tricolore:

"I am happy for the medal but it is the third place so it is not completely perfect happiness. I am just a little bit angry but on the other hand, I am happy for the medal. Holloway does not want to stop winning.

I did my race and it was good for tonight as this was just a good start of the whole season. I think I did everything right. I managed three good races in just one day, so I did well. I think I have bigger chances outdoors as it is my specialty and I am better at that distance.

My family will be super happy about my achievement as it is my first world medal and I am also glad to make my mum happy.

On Monday, when I get back home, that will be the time to celebrate. I am based in Paris so the Olympics is a big thing for all of us living there. I am looking forward to it."


Finale Triple saut hommes

🥇 Hugues Fabrice Zango (BUR) - 17.53 SB

🥈 Yasser Mohammed Triki (ALG) - 17.35 SB

🥉 Tiago Pereira (POR) - 17.08 SB


Finale 60m dames

🥇 Julien Alfred (LCA / Sainte Lucie) - 6.98 =WL

🥈 Ewa Swoboda (POL) - 7.00

🥉 Zaynab Dosso (ITA) - 7.05

La réaction de la gagnante :

"I think losing last season at the world championships and coming that close to a medal in both the 100m and the 200m, gave me a boost. I was very hungry coming to the next season. I feel like I was disappointed last season.

My coach came all the way from Austin to be with me, so I wanted to make him proud. I'm just going to keep hungry and train hard and keep chasing what I want. I'll trust in my coach and myself."



Dimanche 3 mars

Finale Triple saut dames

🥇 Thea Lafond (DMA / Dominique) - 15.01 WL

🥈 Leyanis Pérez Hernández (CUB) - 14.90 SB

🥉 Ana Peleteiro-Compaoré (ESP) - 14.75 SB

La réaction de la gagnante :

"This feels absolutely surreal. I'm the only athlete here from my country and I have the gold medal. We're just a little island with a population of 70,000 people, so this one is for my people, all of my people. I feel incredible. I waited a while for this and I am happy it is here.

Now, I am very excited going into the outdoor season and I hope this is the perfect launching platform for the Olympic season. I am so proud of myself, of my coach and so grateful of my training group that supports me so wonderfully.

And I am grateful for my country, so this is like a love letter to them and appreciation of how much they do for me. This is the least I could do for them. This was literally the best case scenario. My country is small but mighty.

I came here with the expectation and the goal of jumping 15m. I said that if I did that, let's do that first and then we can talk about being competitive. By jumping 15, you are in the mix anyway.

I am hoping that this inspires the next generation of young Dominica athletes to just go for it. You never know where it will land. I am hoping that for some kid watching this on their phone, on the TV, or on the live stream, this lights a little flame in their heart that can drive them to something amazing.

I know who my competitors are, I know this sport in and out, and the goal is continuously to get better anyway so I am going to be training my butt off and see my opponents outdoors."


Finale Longueur dames

🥇 Tara Davis-Woodhall (USA) - 7.07m

🥈 Monae' Nichols (USA) - 6.85 SB

🥉 Fátima Diame (ESP) - 6.78 SB



🥇 Simon Ehammer (SUI) - 6418 points WL

🥈 Sander Skotheim (NOR) - 6407 NR 

🥉 Johannes Erm (EST) - 6340 PB


Finale 4*400m dames

🥇 Netherlands (NED) - Lieke Klaver, Cathelijn Peeters, Lisanne de Witte, Femke Bol - 3:25.07 WL

🥈 United States (USA) - Quanera Hayes, Talitha Diggs, Bailey Lear, Alexis Holmes - 3:25.34 SB

🥉 Great Britain & NI (GBR) - Laviai Nielsen, Lina Nielsen, Ama Pipi, Jessie Knight - 3:26.36 NR


Finale 4*400m hommes

🥇 Belgium (BEL) - Jonathan Sacoor, Dylan Borlée, Christian Iguacel, Alexander Doom - 3:02.54 WL

🥈 United States (USA) - Jacory Patterson, Matthew Boling, Noah Lyles, Christopher Bailey - 3:02.60 SB

🥉 Netherlands (NED) - Liemarvin Bonevacia, Ramsey Angela, Terrence Agard, Tony van Diepen - 3:04.25 NR


Finale 60m haies dames

🥇 Devynne Charlton (BAH) - 7.65 WR

🥈 Cyréna Samba-Mayela (FRA) - 7.74

🥉 Pia Skrzyszowska (POL) - 7.79

La réaction de la gagnante :

"Breaking the world record felt special to me this year and then sealing the deal in Madrid. It really made me feel I'm a 7.6 hurdler. It's a split season this year with the world indoors then the Olympics.

But I have to try to separate them. I'm focused on this now and another world record is definitely possible here later today. Let's see. Today I had to work hard in the back end. I didn't get out as well as I usually do so I had to do some work at the close.

If I add my start then I think it's a whole different race. It's great that my main rival tonight will be my training partner, Masia (Russell, USA). I know from practice she's in as good form as me. I can't wait to go head-to-head here for the gold."


Finale 800m hommes

🥇 Bryce Hoppel (USA) - 1:44.92 WL

🥈 Andreas Kramer (SWE) - 1:45.27 SB

🥉 Eliott Crestan (BEL) - 1:45.32


Finale 800m dames

🥇 Tsige Duguma (ETH) - 2:01.90

🥈 Jemma Reekie (GBR) - 2:02.72

🥉 Noélie Yarigo (BEN) - 2:03.15


Finale 1500m hommes

🥇 Geordie Beamish (NZL) - 3:36.54 PB

🥈 Cole Hocker (USA) - 3:36.69 PB

🥉 Hobbs Kessler (USA) - 3:36.72


Finale 1500m dames

🥇 Freweyni Hailu (ETH) - 4:01.46

🥈 Nikki Hiltz (USA) - 4:02.32 PB

🥉 Emily Mackay (USA) - 4:02.69 PB


Finale Perche hommes

🥇 Armand Duplantis (SWE) - 6.05 WL 

🥈 Sam Kendricks (USA) - 5.90 

🥉 Emmanouil Karalis (GRE) - 5.85 SB


Finale Hauteur hommes

🥇 Hamish Kerr (NZL) - 2.36 WL

🥈 Shelby McEwen (USA) - 2.28

🥉 Sanghyeok Woo (KOR) - 2.28