Athlétisme - Diamond League - Silésie 2022



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Les meilleures performances du meeting 

* Armand Duplantis (SUE) survole une nouvelle fois la perche avec un super saut à 6.10m. Thibaut Collet et Renaud Lavillenie n'ont pas réussi à passer leur premières barre à 5.53m et 5.63m.

"When I woke up today, I was like - it is a little unfortunate with the weather. Especially because the last two days, the temperature was like 32 degrees, sunny and warm. But it is as it is. It would be nice to have that today. But I like the way I was able to jump today. I do not think I could have jumped very much higher today.

I did not have enough speed to get even higher. The last one I had, it was a really good technical jump. I cannot complain at all. It is what it is. I am only a human, and I am doing what I was able to do today. This is a really good place to jump and I definitely liked competing here.

There is not many places where it is colder and I still can jump 6.10 in these conditions. It exceeded my expectations. I mean, I just wanted to try stiffer poles. I was even surprised. I still have got a few more events, I have also the European champs so still some goals ahead of me.

The world record - if I am ready for it, I would try. The 610 just sounds nice. There was no special reason for this height. The poles I was jumping today, I knew I could do the 6m on it. But I was even surprised to jump 610 and I did not know how much higher I could go. Just tried to get as much out of the poles as possible."


* Chez lui, Pawel Fajdek s'impose au marteau avec un énorme jet à 81.37m, Quentin Bigot, troisième avec 78.83m.

* Joe Kovacs (USA) s'offre un nouveau succès au poids avec un excellent 21.79m

* Andy Diaz Hernandez (CUB) remporte le triple saut avec un bond à 17.53m, suffisant pour devancer le champion du monde Pedro Pichardo.

* 20.38m au poids féminin pour Chase Ealey (USA) et record du meeting.


* Battue par la nouvelle recordwomand du monde Tobi Amusan aux mondiaux, Jasmine Camacho Quinn (PUR) gagne la finale du 100m haies avec un excellent 12'34 (vent +0.8)

"It was not technically my best race. I felt I did not execute properly, but I´ll take the win. The conditions today were not the best, but that´s the beauty of our sport - you need to run whether it´s rainy or sunny.

I´ve been having some issue with my Achilles, so I ran in 400 metres spikes and bandages today for better support. I am not sure yet about the rest of the season, but I hope to continue competing."


* Alison Dos Santos (BRE), médaillé d'or à Eugene, gagne le 400m haies en 47'80. Troisième place pour Wilfried Happio en 48'74.

"I still remember running here at the World relays last year when the weather was so cold. When I woke up this morning, I was so scared, I said no way... I checked the weather temperatures immediatelly and was very glad.

The 20 is not that bad. I am very happy and proud about my result today because I have had a long season. Now, I just want to enjoy every competition and have fun. After the World championships, I took 5 days off and visited my family back at home.

We had some small celebration but nothing big because I still have some events ahead of me. But then, I promise, it is going to be big. I want to try to win this Diamond trophy and I am exited about my next race on Sunday as it is going to be the flat 400m."


* Trayvon Brommel (USA) remporte le 100m en 9'95 avec un vent défavorable de -0.7m/s.

* Sifan Hassan (HOL) renoue avec la victoire et empoche le 3000m féminin en 8'39"27.


* Femke Bol (HOL), spécialiste du 400m haies, vient s'essayer avec succès au tour de piste et s'impose en 49'75, record national à la clé.

"It feels a bit strange now to run without the hurdles on the way, but it is amazing to break 50 seconds. I knew I had it in my legs, but it is great to finally do it. Natalia really pushed hard in the final metres and competition always helps you perform better.

I don´t know yet if I will do both the flat and the hurdles at the European Championships, I need to talk to my coach to decide on that. We also have a strong relay team and we want to do well in that after the disqualification in Eugene."


* Michael Norman (USA), le patron de la discipline, gagne le 400m masculin avec un super chrono de 44'11.

"I controlled the race, felt relaxed, pressure free, had fun. But when I saw the atmosphere at the stadium, I was like wow. Pretty much like in Eugene. You could not hear the starter very much what was a bit confusing but it was fun.

The next stop is Monaco - gambling in casino. It is always nice to compete with the bests and Kirani is a big oponent. I have a big respect for this guy. After the champs, I had the chance to eat some pizza and pasta, stuff like this after a couple of months. I have got a lot of recovery and did not practice this much."


* La championne du monde Shericka Jackson (JAM) confirme sa grande forme et empoche le 200m dames en 21'84


* Les Ethiopiennes ont mis le feu sur 1500m dames avec une victoire en 3'56"91 pour Diribe Welteji, record personnel, record du meeting.


* Ce meeting de Chorzow, Silésie, se termine en beauté avec une victoire de la bombe Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce (JAM) sur 100m en 10'66, vent +0.5. La multiple championne du monde n'en finit plus de regaler !