Diamond League - Oslo 2022 




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* Le Polonais Pawel Fajdek remporte le lancer du marteau avec 80.56m, un superbe jet synonyme de record du meeting.


* Femke Bol signe un chrono canon sur 400m haies en 52'61, record du meeting et meilleur temps de la saison pour la Hollandaise.

"I was very surprised with the time as the weather wasn't the best and I stuttered into the last hurdle, so it was great to see that time.

It means a lot to take the meeting record, next I will do the national trials and get ready for the World championships, and then try to come back well for the European championships, so it's going to be a really busy summer but I'm ready for the challenge -

I want to keep running fast and get some medals."



* Kirani James domine nettement le 400m masculin et s'impose avec un temps de 44'78

"It was a good race, I felt competitive and I was happy to come out and run well against these guys. I made sure I got to 300m in control and then pushed on from there. The weather was what it was but now I will focus on getting to the World Championships in the best shape possible."


* Longueur hommes : Miltiadis Tentoglu (GRE) s'offre un nouveau succès avec 8.10m


* Perche hommes : Armand Duplantis (SUE) venu en voisin régale le public avec un superbe bond à 6.02m. A noter les sauts à 5.80m des Norvégiens Guttormsen et Lillefosse. Renaud Lavillenie 5e avec 5.60m.


* Triplé des Ethiopiennes sur le 5000m avec la victoire en 14'25"84 pour Dawit Seyaum, record personnel.


* Andre De Grasse (CAN) remporte le 100m masculin avec un honnête 10'05, vent +0.5m/s

"Yesterday, when I came out here I felt pretty good. I know my speed is coming back. The difference is going to be that start and the first 30 metres. I am pretty satisfied with my first win of the season, SB, but I know I still have a couple of things to work on.

It was a good race but the rain was a little complication. Despite this, I was pretty close to the 10s barrier so I have to analyse it and get back to work.

Now, I am heading to Paris and that will be great - it should be very warm and sunny, what I really like. Definitelly, I am looking forward to do a couple of more races."


* Succès de la Danoise Ida Karstoft sur 200m avec un record national à la clé : 22'73.


* Disque dames : Sandra Perkovic (CRO) remporte son duel avec Valarie Allman (USA) avec 66.82m contre 65.91m. 7e place pour Melina Robert Michon.


* Encore un triplé Ethiopien, cette fois sur le 5000m hommes, avec une victoire pour Telahun Bekele en 13'03"51


* Très attendu après son chrono historique du week-end passé, Devon Allen (USA) remporte ce 110m haies avec un beau 13'22, vent -1.2m/s.


"Every race I run is to win. And I want to run fast. As you see, the 13.22 in this conditions is not too bad. There was rain, the head wind... Definitelly, I can execute better. I have to see the video and check where did I mess up.

I am feeling pretty good right now. I do enjoy travelling all around these meetings. I do get some good food, some shopping... But I have to take care to do my job - they pay me to run. It is not bad gig at all.

How would I describe myself? I would say I am just a great athlete. I bet that if I had played tennis 15 years ago, I would be a profi tennis player. Or golf, whatever... I enjoy doing a lot of sports. It is really hard to be great at anything on this level."


* Doublé des Britanniques sur le 800m féminin avec Keely Hodgkinson qui gagne en 1'57"71 juste devant Laura Muir et Renelle Lamotte.

"I was fairly happy but I wanted faster, a win is a win though. It was great to have that race with Laura and she's running well. I'm trying to take it week by week but I love championship racing and running the rounds, so I'm looking forward to Eugene.

Athing Mu took my world lead so I want it back and I'm looking forward to facing her at the World Championships."


* 400m haies hommes : En l'absence l'immense star locale Karsten Warholm, blessé, Alison Dos Santos met le feu et passe la ligne en 47'26, un chrono énorme pour le Brésilien. Wilfried Happio (FRA), se classe 3e en 49'01, record personnel.

"I ran a good time, I ran fast but we expected more. For sure, I am in the 46 shape. Every race we run is unique and of course, if Warholm was here, it would be better. We are so proud of all the performances and our preparation this year.

But lets see the next competitions and lets see the world championships. Now, I just have to finish the preparation to run very very fast... I just try to have fun and enjoy every race moment on the track.

I just try to be happy when running. I love it. For sure, we train hard for the medals so if you get that, it changes everything in my life."


* Warholm absent, c'est évidemment Jakob Ingebrigtsen qui va se charger de faire monter l'ambiance. Superbement préparé pour ce rendez-vous, le Norvégien va venir gagne ce Mile monté pour lui en 3'46"46. 

Record national, MPM 2022 et surtout 6e chrono de l'histoire sur cette distance, le meilleur depuis Hicham El Guerrouj et son record du monde, 3'43"13, en 1999.

On oublie pas le record d'Océanie réussi par Oliver Hoare (AUS) en 3'47"48.

"It felt great, I was ready to run fast and was happy to do that and to win. Some work needs to be done before the World Championships but I will work hard to be in better shape for the World Championships.

It was an awesome crowd so now I will prepare myself well for Eugene. Oslo is always perfect and for me, it's the best meeting in the world so it was awesome experience.

Last year I was sick so couldn't race here unfortunately so it was even more special here tonight, as was to be the first Norwegian to win the Dream Mile - doing things nobody else has before is really great.

I take it one race at a time, it's important to have short-term goals - that's how my mindset works to keep the motivation high. Confidence is a really important thing in sports and I'm confident in what I do in training and of course am aiming for gold in Eugene."