Diamond League - Rabat 2022 



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Le suivi LIVE et les résultats ICI



* Hauteur dames : Yaroslava Mahuchikh (UKR) remporte le concours avec 1.96m

"I was happy about my victory. It was fantastic being here in Morocco. I liked the crowd the atmosphere. Everything was great. I didn´t keep my previous world lead score, but this is the game, there are always ups and downs. I am dedicating this victory to my country back in Ukraine."


* 400m dames : Marileidy Paulino (DOM) s'impose sur le tour de piste en 50'10

* 1500m hommes : Très belle victoire pour Jake Wightman (GBR) en 3'32"62 devant son coéquipier Jake Heyward. 10e rang pour le Français Baptiste Mischler.

"I am super happy for this win. This is my first time here both the crowd and the weather are amazing. I really enjoyed it. My goal now is to achieve one of the top 3 national records to qualify to the World Championship in Oregon."


* Saut en longueur : Le champion olympique Miltiadias Tentoglu (GRE) s'impose avec 8.27m devant le spécialiste Suisse du Décathlon Simon Ehammer 8.13m

"I am very happy about this victory. The only thing that bothered me was the wind as it kept changing which hinders long jumps. I am happy to be here in Rabat and I really enjoyed the support coming from the crowd. I am in a very good shape but I need to do more in order to do well at the World Championship"


* 100m féminin : La multiple médaillée d'or olympique Elaine Thompson Herah (JAM) s'impose en 10'83, record du meeting, devant Marie Josée Ta Lou 11.04, vent +0.3m/s

"I feel amazing about the race today. This is my 3rd time in Rabat and I'm super excited about the new meeting record of 10.83. For the next event in Rome, I'm following the same process and keeping up the same pace."


* 800m : Emmanuel Wanyonyi (KEN) remporte la course en 1'45"47, Gabriel Tual troisième en 1'45"71

* Perche dames : Succès de Sandi Morris (USA) avec un modeste 4.65m

* 1500m dames : L'Ethiopienne Hirut Meshesha s'impose en 3'57"30, record personnel.

"I am pleased about my victory. The weather was nice and ideal. I am very happy to get my PB thanks to the help of the pacers. I got good preparation for this competition in Rabat. I am trying to get ready for the World Championship."


* 200m hommes : Kenneth Bednarek (USA), malgré 2m de vent favorable en reste à 20'21

* 3000m dames : Mercy Cherono (KEN) passe la ligne en vainqueure en 8'40"29

* Lancer du disque : Kristjan Ceh (TCH) marque une nouvelle fois les esprits avec son lancer à 69.68m

"Today, it was fun and all the other competitors were doing their best. I am happy I won the competition. I know I did not keep my previous record but it is good though. I really enjoyed the crowd and the positive atmosphere."


* Triple saut dames : Thea Laffond (DOM) réussit la meilleure longueur avec 14.46m

* 400m haies hommes : Khalifah Rosser (USA) s'impose en 48'25, Wilfried Happio (FRA) termine 3e en 49'27. Début de saison compliqué pour le champion olympique Karsten Warholm, touché à l'arrière de la cuisse.


* 800m dames : Mary Moraa (KEN) gagne la course en 1'58"83, troisième place pour Renelle Lamotte en 1'59"83

"I am happy I won the race today. It feels fantastic to be here with such an amazing huge crowd in this vibrant stadium and I want to say thank you for everyone which without them we can not make it happen.

It feels awesome I made my personal best tonight. Concerning the organisation, I was amazed by how everthing is arranged to make this successful."


*3000m steeple hommes : Ce meeting d'un niveau moyen, se termine en feu d'artifice avec la star Marocaine Soufiane El Bakkali qui régale son public. Il s'impose en 7'58"28, MPM 2022 à la clé.