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* 400m haies dames : Encore une fois impressionnante, Femke Bol (HOL) s'impose en 53'02, son meilleur chrono cette saison.

"I am very happy. The race went quickly for me. It is my second 400m hurldes race of the season. All this is a preparation for the World and European championships. My time is getting betting with every race. I am stay more relaxed.

I am satisfied with how I executed the race. I am not having too many competitions because we have to big championships this year. I am missing a World and European championships medal, yes, but I have an Olympic medal which is the best."


* Poids hommes : Victoire de Joe Kovacs (USA) avec un lancer mesuré à 21.85m, largement suffisant pour gagner;


* Disque hommes : Kristjan Ceh (TCH), la patron de ce début de saison s'impose avec 70.72m, record du meeting.

"Every competition it is getting better and better, so it is a good result here today. Having competed against the 3 medalists from the Olympic Games does not make me more noervous than usual, because I am always nervous before every competition.

My first throw showed that, but I tried to focus on my technique and avoid added pressure. I train in Estonia, because that is where my coach is, we´re focusing mostly on technique, and some weight training.

Training is going well, and I have high hopes for this season. Ultimately, I just want to compete well and do my best at the European and the World Championships."


* Hauteur hommes : JuVaughn Harrison (USA), l'athlète qui saute aussi haut que loin, s'impose avec 2.27m, aux essais. 3e place pour Tamberi avec 2.24m.

"I just came here to do my best. I felt like I was rusty at the beginning but then I was able to clear 2.24 and 2.27 on the first attempt. I was able to stay clean. The crowd was great. I really hope to come back here.

It was good to see them cheer for their national hero. I hit the bar a couple of times at the beginning but then I improved a lot - it is all a mental game."


* Perche dames : Sandi Morris (USA) signe une MPM 2022 en gagnant le concours avec un saut à 4.81m au 2e essai avant de manquer trois fois 4.90m.


* 400m hommes : Kirani James (GRD) gagne cette course avec un bon 44'54


* 1500m dames : Course tactique avec un succès de l'Ethiopienne Hirut Mesesha en 4'03"79


* 200m hommes : Déjà vainqueur à Rabat, Kenneth Bednarek (USA) récidive et s'impose en 20'01, son meilleur temps de la saison. (vent nul)

"This is what I expected, because I am always a little bit sluggish at this time in the season. You know, I am just taking meet by meet, but I actually think I could have gone a bit faster in this race. When I am next on the track I think I should be better than this too.

I do not have more Diamond League meets, I am just going back home to train and focus on the US Trials and the Worlds - I have a lot to do in the meantime. I am most nervous and excited about the US Trials because it is the hardest for us, so I have to focus on that."


* Longueur dames : Maryna Beck-Romanchuk (UKR) devance la championne olympique Malaika Mihambo (ALL) avec 6.85m contre 6.79m à sa rivale.


* 800m dames : Cette course très attendue marquait la rentrée de la prometteuse et au combien talentueuse Athing Mu (USA) qui signe une MPM en 1'57"01. Très belle 2e place pour Renelle Lamotte en 1'58"48, son meilleur temps cette saison.

"I am really, really happy. I focussed so much on the preparation and the warm-up and having Athing Mu in front, pacing for the whole group was really a luxury. Incredible. I am so proud of myself to get second in these conditions, it was quite cold.

Now I will compete in Oslo and maybe Chorzow. I have excellent souvenirs of this stadium. I think it is one of the most beautiful stadiums I know. I ran a great time here the last time I came here, I guess it was against Caster Semenya then." indique la Française après sa course.


* 3000m steeple : Lamecha Girma (ETH) passe la ligne en vainqueur, tout juste sous la barrière des 8min


* 200m dames : Grosse course de Shericka Jackson (JAM) qui devance sa coéquipière Elaine Thompson avec un 21'91 (record du meeting, vent +1.3m/s), contre un 22'25 pour la multiple championne olympique.

"I am actually feeling very good today. I just wanted to come out and run a strong race, so I think I did pretty good. The thing is when it comes to Jamaican Trials or major championships, I try not to have a different mindset than when I am at a Diamond League meet or a development meet.

I try to have a different mindset, rather than being all nervous. Anything could happen on the day, so I just focus on coming out and perform at my best. I definitely know that I perform at my best, I will make the time.

After the trials, and eveything goes well, my aim is to add a gold medal to my name. I have many individual medals at 400 and 100, but I need to get that gold medal in any event that might be. This is my aim this season."


* 5000m hommes : La très grosse performance de ce meeting de Rome est signé Nicholas Kimeli. Le Kenyan de 23 ans, auteur d'une dernière ligne droite exceptionnelle, pulvérise son record et vient remporter la course en 12'46"33, MPM 2022, record du meeting et 7e meilleure performance de tous les temps.

Jacob Krop, son compatriote, réussit lui aussi un temps énorme en 12'46"79.

"The weather was good today, it was perfect. The race was very, very competitive. Kenyans and Ethiopian, we rival each other. In the last moment, I tried to push on the last 50m. The race was cool. I am so proud to achieve a world lead and a personal best and the meeting record.

I am celebrating it. I am feeling great because I never won a Diamond League race before, I really pushed to make it happen. Last year, I missed an Olympic medal coming forth.

So this year I really focus on our trials and come home with a medal from the world championships. This race has shown me that I am in good shape and it has given me a lot of confidence. I want to fight for medals in Eugene." explique Kimeli


* 100m haies dames : La fête continue quelques minutes plus tard avec la reine de la discipline Jasmine Camacho Quinn (PUR) qui vient claquer un énorme 12'37, vent nul, record du meeting et MPM 2022 !

"I mean, I know what it is coming out here and eveytime I just need to remind myself that I have competed in the big world stage like the Olympics , so, with races like this, I need to calm myself so we can come out here and just compete against each other.

This season, I feel more responsibility - it is like, everytime I step out I know I am going to be measure me against being the Olyimpic Champion, and I feel that is a lot of pressure.

Event though, I should not dwell on it too much. I should take it as it is. After Worlds, I think I will be able to relax a bit, but I still have other Meets after that. I should not worry too much about the World Championships, but I should be able to have some fun too."


* 100m hommes : On termine ce meeting, disputée dans des conditions humides et fraiches, pas idéales pour le sprint, avec un joli succès de Fred Kerley (USA) en 9'92, vent -0,2.

"This was a good race. I ran a season´s best, I cannot complain. I did not have to push a lot against my competitors. I did not have to give 100%. I enjoyed the race and the crowd. It was nice and easy. I will go home for the national trials and I expect a new personal best there."