Diamond League - Stockholm 2022



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Poids dames : Chase Ealey (USA) domine le concours avec 20.48m

Longueur hommes : Encore un succès probant pour le champion olympique Miltiadis Tentoglou (GRE) avec un bon 8.31m

4*100m hommes : Succès des Pays Bas en 38'70

1500m dames : Victoire de l'Australienne Linden Hall en 4'02"65


4*100m dames : Excellent chrono, MPM 2022, pour la Suisse qui gagne en 42'13

Javelot hommes : Anderson Peters (GRN) remporte le concours avec 90.31m, juste devant l'Indien Neeraj Chopra

Saut en hauteur dames : Eleanor Patterson (AUS) gagne avec 1.96m


Perche hommes : Devant son public, Armand Duplantis régale une nouvelle fois en passant au 2e essai une barre à 6.16m, MPM 2022 et record personnel et surtout record du monde outdoor ! Renaud Lavillenie 5e avec 5.83m.

"It feels quite OK, I cannot complain. It is extra special - I wanted to come here today and try to do something special. I felt I was in shape and that I have a great support here in Stockholm, where I live now so that means so extra more.

I had a huge advantage of competing on my home turf. It is hard to describe it really. You kind of black out out there. I just remember I was trying to focus really hard to not hitting the bar. And once when I did, I was over the bar and then I just started to run like an idiot. I think it was a good timing.

This is the time I wanted to be in my best shape. I feel like I am definitely in shape to win my title and maybe to do something special in Eugene. I am in a great shape and it is all about building to the world champs.

I don´t really feel the pressure; only the pressure I put on myself. I think I could go high in Oregon and it is important to be in my best shape there. Today was a confirmation that I can do it."


1500m hommes : Le Tchèque Filip Sasinek s'impose en 3'36"56

400m dames : La Polonaise Anna Kielbasinska remporte la première place en 50'60

400m haies : Femke Bol, la pépite Hollandaise, signe un chrono énorme en 52'27, tout près de son record de 52'03 qui a fait d'elle la 3e meilleure de tous les temps.

"I am very glad to come back to this stadium which I really love and I am glad I managed to win again. I am still hoping to do something very special also in Eugene. It was a good race today but not perfect. In the end, I am very glad for this time.

I do not remember everything from the race but I think the first five - six hurdles went really nice but I hit the last hurdle, I am used to that by now, so I can be happy I can still finish like this. I am so excited before Eugene.

When you see the results from the Hayward, I am so excited to go there and I have some great competitors out there. I am looking forward to competing in Eugene."


100m hommes : Akani Sinbine (AFS) gagne en 10'02, Jimmy Vicaut 3e en 10'19

Longueur dames : Loraine Ugen (GBR) s'offre la victoire avec 6.81m

800m dames : Très belle course pour la Kenyana Mary Moraa victorieuse en 1'57"68 devant Kelly Hodgkinson

"I am very happy with the win and the way I ran. I came here to win, but it wasn't easy. I am looking forward to running with medallists at the World Championships. I qualified for both the 400m and the 800m.

I have to discuss with my coach whether I will double or not. It's only my second season on the 800m. I decided to focus on the 800m because we don't have enough facilities to train."


3000m hommes : Domnic Lokinyomo Lobalu (team réfugiés) prend la victoire avec un gros chrono de 7'29"48. MPM 2022.

100m haies : Jasmine Camacho Quinn (PUR) véritable métronome triomphe avec un superbe 12'46

"I take the win but I feel a bit under the weather. But coming to the stadium, I knew what I had to do today, despite the feelings. I think the hurdles 4 to 8 was a little slappy.

I do not know but I know it could have been even better. In this race, I did not see much improvement. I just wanted to make it through safely, that is all.

The worlds is another championships, so I go back, start the training, and I am looking forward to it. It is not too far away so I do not have to travel too far. The world record would mean a lot to me. When it happens, it happens. It hopefully happens this year but if not, I still have years to go.


3000m steeple dames : Daisy Jepkemei, Kenyane devenue Kazakh, gagne en 9'15"77. Deuxième place pour la Française Alice Finot en 9'19"59, nouveau record de France qui a déclaré :

"The race went really well till the three last laps. I had to speed it up a little bit. Because I came to show the best version of myself. I could have finished more comfortably, but that's not the game. I beat my own NR by two seconds.

I am happy with the regularity I show. I ran three races within 12 days. Still performaing well shows that I have a good base. This is promising for the World Championships. I compete in 16 days so I still have the time to rest. I hope to make it to the final.

I will give it my all. Since beginning of the year I don't work anymore. I worked as an engineer in the car industry. It is a tough enivronment with a lot of deadlines. I made a lot of overhours. Two years ago I went down to part time.

But after my medal at the European Indoors last year I got injured again. I knew that it was a matter of recuperation. So I decided to take unpaid holidays. Now I enjoy all the happiness, the emotions and I can travel with my friends, family and my coach. I live life to the fullest."


400m haies hommes : Alison Dos Santos cartonne encore une fois et améliore son record du Brésil avec un incroyable 46'80. MPM 2022

"I am so proud about this performance. My preparations went well and this result shows it. Now, I am so excited for the worlds. I just tried to have fun and to run fast. My coach said - Just go there and run. And I just did it. I ran.

For myself. I was expecting such time and I feel ready for the championships now and it will be very exciting in Eugene. I think about the world record every day, every night, I dream of that."


200m dames : Dina Asher Smith (GBR) devance Mujinga Kambundji (SUI) à la photo finish, 22'37 pour les deux athlètes.

800m hommes : Une fois la folie Duplantis retombée, record perso à 6.16m juste avant le départ de cette dernière course, l'Algérien Slimane Moula signe un beau 1'44"60 et devance le duo bleu Benjamin Robert, Gabriel Tual.