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* Hauteur dames : La médaillée de bronze des JO de Tokyo, Yaroslava Mahuchikh (UKR) s'impose avec un superbe saut à 2.01m : MPM 2022

"It is a pleasure to jump 201 and I also had good attempts at 205. I know I am ready to jump that high because In trained for it and can manage it. It is very hard to train and get ready for the competitions as I need to stay focused on the training despite all these things happening back at home.

It is very hard for me because I cannot come back home until my season is over in September. Till then, I am just trying to show the best possible performances at the competitions to fight for Ukraine on the track. My biggest hope when it comes to sport is a world record."


* 400m dames : Shaunae Miller Uibo (BAH) remporte le tour de piste en 50'10, ceci après avoir coupé son effort dans la dernière ligne droite.

"I had a great race tonight. Really great. I did a strong start, I pushed a lot on the first 300 m. Then, I managed to stay on the lead. I still had some gas in the tank to finish strong. The track is fast. I'm quite happy about the model of 400 m I want to execute this season.

Now, I'm gonna travel back home, no more meeting on my schedule because we have the trials for Worlds championships next week. At this stage, I'm quite confident about my chances to succeed at Eugene. I'm healthy, everything is doing great at training. I'm exactly in the shape I wanted to be at this time of the season."


* 200m hommes : Surprise cette épreuve avec le Sud Africain Luxolo Adams, couloir 8, qui vient dompter tout le monde avec un excellent 19'82, record personnel, vent +0,6m/s

"I managed to run the curve well and then, in the last 80m, I saw there was no one around. I kicked again. This race was a character building for me. First of all, I was doubting myself, I did not believe I can go out and run against big names. I always got nervous and all of that.

But I told myself, you know what, you have come so far so you cennot give up now. I was trying my best to run sub 20 and it finally came today.

I am happy that I ran this time now. In my country, the closing day for qualification for the world champs is the 26th June so it is a good timing and the champs is just around the corner. I rest now and will take it from there. I am based in Italy."


* Disque dames : Battue à Oslo par Sandra Perkovic, Valarie Allman (USA) prend sa revanche sur la Croate et signe le meilleur jet avec 68.68m, record du meeting.

"Paris is one of my favourite competitions and I am happy I managed to show this result today. At my last meet in Oslo, I finished second behind Perkovic so I was excited to compete again. In Texas, it is also hot and humid so I felt like at home. I like this weather.

Now, I will do more training and heading to the trials before the world championships. Sandra is a great competitor and athlete. This is how the athlete should be - you want to win every competition. After Oslo, this win feels especially good. It is definitelly a rivalry between us and respect."


* 3000m steeple dames : Chrono énorme réussie par Winfred Mutile Yavi, Kenyane devenue représentante de Bahrein, qui s'impose en 8'56"55, MPM 2022, record personnel et surtout 4e chrono de l'histoire sur la distance.

"It's incredible. Winning tonight in Paris, with a world lead, that's something I did not think I would be capable of. To be honest, I still cannot believe it. But I'm in a good shape, that's the second time thise season I run under 9 minutes. That's great. I'm so happy. But now I need to rest and train before the Worlds championships.

So, no more race before Eugene. The conditions tonight ? It was hot, really hot, but that's not the first time I run with this kind of weather. I don't say I get used to that, but I did it already."


* Perche hommes : Le Belge Ben Broeders s'impose aux essais devant Renaud Lavillenie, les deux hommes ont franchi une barre à 5.80m

"I felt some frustration at Oslo because I was in a decent shape, ready for a good jump, but the rain did not help me. Tonight, I'm happy. Thing are getting better and better. Of course, I'm a bit disapointed to miss the victory for nothing, but I was able to manage to start my competition at 5.65 m and finish at 5.80 m.

It reminds me the time when I was good. I still have about one month before the World championships. I grapple. Tonight was a very encouraging step." indique Lavillenie.


* Triple saut hommes : Jordan Alejandro Diaz Fortun (CUB) s'impose avec 17.66m et la réussite qui va bien car Pedro Pichardo (POR) était plus long sur son dernier essai mordu pour un petit centimètre.


* 110m haies : Devon Allen (USA), auteur d'un incroyable 12'84 la semaine dernière, s'impose en 13'16, vent -0.2m/s. Belle course du Français Just Kwaou-Mathey, 3e en 13'27, record personnel.

"My start was the best I have had this year. It was something we were really working on because it used to be the weakest part of my race. With that, it became an issue that I came too close to the hurdles. It is just about a little bit of a practice.

I just have to figure it out because I am moving really fast right now and I think I can go much faster. The hot weather feels good, just had to keep my energy up in between the rounds.

But I was not too worried about as the break was only something more than an hour. I just laid down, listened to a couple of songs... and came up. If we put it all together - maybe 12.65 in the future..."


* 800m hommes : Course sensationnelle du Français Benjamin Robert qui surgit dans la dernière ligne droite pour remporter cette cours en 1'43"75, un chrono incroyable et un record personnel. Gabriel Tual 4e et Pierre Ambroise Bosse, 4e et 6e, réussissent les minimas pour les mondiaux.

Malheureusement quelques minutes plus tard, le Tricolore sera disqualifié suite à un mouvement de bras illicite. La victoire revient donc à l'Australien Peter Bol en 1'44"00, record d'Océanie à la clé. 

L'affaire n'est pas encore terminé puisque finalement Robert sera requalifié après de nouvelles minutes d'attente !

"In the last 200 m, I was burnt. I said to myself, "It's gonna be hard to finish". Then something happened in the last 50 m. The second wind. It's difficult to explain. It proves that you cannot give up, everything can happen. It's my first victory on Diamond League. And it happens in Paris.

The pressure was strong with this crowd, but we need to get used to that before Paris 2024 Olympics. Tonight, we were three from France at 1:44 or under. It's maybe the first time it happens. I think that helps any of us to improve and go further. There will be a good fight at the French championships."


* Javelot dames : Haruka Kitaguchi (JAP) s'impose avec 63.13m


* 400m hommes : Steven Gardiner (BAH) gagne avec un bon 44'21 et une avance considérable sur des adversaires nettement moins cotés.


* 100m haies dames : Record d'Afrique pour la Nigérianne Tobi Amusan qui passe la ligne en 12'40 après une course en tout point réussie.

"Definitelly, I have been well prepared for this competition because I have been training really hard. I came here to execute well and to get the win and it worked. I am not the best starter but I tried to stay with the girls and after I started I did not know how to take control.

I have the national trials coming uo next week so I am leaving home to Nigeria tomorrow. Then I have the Stockholm Diamond league and will get ready for the worlds. The goal for me is every year to get there and take the lead. I am based in Texas, US so I am then heading to Texas."


* 5000m hommes : Selemon Barega (ETH) fait cavalier seul et termine sa course en 12'56, excellent chrono. Jimmy Gressier réalise une très belle course avec une 4e place et surtout un nouveau record personnel en 13'08"75.

It was very hot, very difficult to compete, but the crowd helped me to keep my pace until the end. Winning tonight was my target. I'm very happy. I flet good, fast and confident. Now I'm focused on World championships. I'm qualified on 10 000 m. I could also run the 5 000 m but the decision doesn't depend on me . I have to wait for the decision of my federation.


* 100m dames : Pour terminer cette réunion Parisienne, le public resté dans les tribunes (nombreux sont partis avant !!!), la Jamaicaine Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce signe la meilleure performance de la soirée.

En mode fusée, elle s'impose en 10'67, MPM 2022, record du meeting avec un vent de 0.5m/s. Une performance qui pourrait lui valoir un titre mondial, dans un mois aux USA.

I cannot be disappointed. I am still training hard so I am now looking forward to the national championships and then afterwards. The fans were so nice here, I enjoyed tonight. The plan and the aim is to make sure that I am able to run 10.60 sustainly



Ce meeting de Paris s'est tenu en l'absence de très nombreux athlètes. Tous sont concentrés sur les sélections pour les mondiaux, et les mondiaux eux-mêmes prévus mi juillet  Eugene.

On peut également regretter la faible assistance dans ce stade Charléty, tout juste rempli à moitié !