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Samedi 16 septembre


Dimanche 17 septembre


Samedi 16 septembre

Javelot dames : La championne du monde Haruta Kitaguchi (JAP) s'impose avec 63.78m

Hauteur hommes : Sanghyeok Woo (COR) réussit un superbe concours et vient chercher la gagne avec 2.35m, record national.

Triple saut hommes : Andy Diaz Hernandez, le Cubain devenu Italien, décroche la victoire avec 17.43m.


400m haies : Enorme duel entre Rai Benjamin et Karsten Warholm avec l'Américain qui réussit un énorme chrono : 46'39, MPM 2023, contre 46'53 au Norvégien.

“Being a sprinter, that’s what I am. Went back to my old race model, because my second half is just amazing. Just tried to channel that today and I feel like I did a really good job.” “I came out here with no expectation, just to have fun and close out the season.”

(on his rivalry with Warholm) “It’s definitely is a good rivalry…I’m not really too caught up in this win. What matters is winning at major championships and I haven’t done that yet so I need to do that.”


400m hommes : Succès de Kirani James (GRN) avec un bon 44'30.

Javelot hommes : La victoire pour le Tchèque Jakub Vadlejch avec 84.34m.


3000m steeple dames : Winfred Mutile Yavi (BRN), championne du monde en titre, gagne avec le 2e chrono de l'histoire 8'50"66.

“Today I didn’t expect I did the second fastest time. I’m so happy, I’m excited at the same time.” “I think this year has been precious, it has been so far good to me this year.”

“Behind the scenes I’ve been working hard secretly, I’ve been sacrificning a lot, training hard, doing a lot, doing a lot of strength training. I used to do a lot, something different than last year, so I think I got a big improvement this year.

Behind the scene I have been working hard.” (about Chepkoech behind her) “It gives me more power, like I can do better than this. To see the world record holder behind me I feel like I can even do the same thing like her.”


Perche dames : Très jolie succès pour la locale Katie Moon qui passe une barre à 4.86m, record du meeting.

1500m dames : La star, l'immense par le talent, Faith Kipyegon (KEN) franchit la ligne en 3'50"72, avec une nouvelle victoire à la clé.


100m hommes : Christian Coleman (USA) gagne la course reine en 9'83, MPM 2023, devant le triple champion du monde Noah Lyles et Ferdinand Omanyala, tous deux en 9'85. (vent quasi nul)

“I feel like I could have executed the start a little bit better, but I feel like I was able to just put all my experiences throughout the year during the race.”

“In races like that I usually might get tight or just not execute the back end, but I was able to just find a sense of confidence and believe in myself, like I knew I was supposed to win this race and so I was able to stay composed and put out a win at the end.”

“You just got to stay consistent, find your race pattern, and when you find it you hold on to it.”

“This year I feel like I had a mental breakthrough to where I’m able to just find my stride and stick to it. And I feel like next year I’ll be able to capitalize.” “Just relax, just fill my cup back up.”


Triple saut dames : Fin de saison en feu d'artifice pour la star Yulimar Rojas (VEN) qui s'envole à 15.35m, MPM 2023.

Poids dames : L'Américaine Chase Ealey lance son engin à 20.76m, record national et MPM 2023 à la clé.

3000m steeple hommes : Simon Kiprop Koech (KEN) s'impose en 8'06"26


100m dames : Shericka Jackson (JAM), en mode fusée, boucle sa course avec un énorme 10'70 (+0.8). Marie José Ta-Lou 2e en 10'75, Elaine Thompson Herah 3e en 10'79 et Sha'Carri Richardson, championne du monde, 4e en 10'80, sur ce 100m d'un niveau fabuleux.

“I’m feeling pretty good. I just wanted to come out here and execute and I think I did pretty good this evening. I’m grateful, I’m here, I’m enjoying myself and tomorrow is another competition day.”

“I just started sprinting in 2021 and to be among these great female sprinters is a good feeling. It always help to push you.” “We know how to recover, after each round, we have been doing it for years and I think they’re doing a pretty good job.”


* Mile hommes : La soirée s'est terminée avec un chrono monstrueux, le 3e de l'histoire pour Jakob Ingebrigtsen. Le Norvégien gagne en 3'43"73, pas très loin du record du monde détenu par Hicham El Guerrouj, 3'43"13 depuis 1999.

He does a very good race, obviously he’s in a good enough shape to run what he does, but at the same time today I wanted to race where I could challenge myself to really set out at a decent pace, somewhat conservative, and then I go as hard as I could the last two laps to try to run as fast as I could.

So it was very good. Everything is possible. It’s like every other race. There’s no difference between September and June. It’s all about what you do in your preparation. If you stop training in May, obviously it’s difficult to stay on top in September, but for some people that’s not the case.

Obviously I was here to run the mile. I’m jumping in the 3k because I got the opportunity. But now it’s all about getting back home to the hotel, eat, sleep, try to prepare as good as I can and we’ll see tomorrow. (about being done for the year).

Not quite. Hopefully getting married next weekend, so I think I have to prepare for that as well.



Dimanche 17 septembre

Saut en hauteur dames : Enorme concours avec Yaroslava Mahuchikh (UKR) victorieuse en passant une barre à 2.03m au 2e essai. Même barre, mais au 3e essai, pour l'Australienne Nicola Olyslagers. MPM 2023 à la clé.

Disque hommes : Matthew Denny (AUS) surprend les favoris et s'impose avec un lancer incroyable à 68.43, record national.

Longueur hommes : Succès de prestige pour le décathlonien Suisse Simon Ehammer avec un excellent 8.22m.

800m hommes : Encore une MPM 2023 grâce au Kenyan Emmanuel Wanyonyi en 1'42"80, le Tricolore Yanis Meziane 4e en 1'43"94, record personnel.


5000m dames : L'Éthiopienne Gudaf Tsegay a établi un nouveau record du monde du 5 000 m avec un énorme 14'00''21, elle pulvérise l'ancienne marque de 14'05''20 réussie par Faith Kipyegon (KEN) à Charléty le 9 juin dernier.

"My focus today is world record. Because I’m so hungry [for the] World Championship, my focus to on a World Champion, but I miss 5000 for injury, my leg is problem.

I’m not sleep, I’m very hungry in my mind. But today is very happy. (about running under 14 minutes next year) Yes, I try.


400m haies dames : La reine de la discipline Femke Bol (HOL) gagne encore une fois, avec un temps de 51'98, record du meeting.


Perche hommes : Soirée historique à Eugene avec le roi de la discipline Armand Duplantis (SUE) qui bat, au premier essai, son record du monde avec 6.23m. Le champion du monde et olympique avait auparavant passé 5,62 m, 5,82 m et 6,02 m, tout cela sans manquer la moindre tentative.

"The limit is very high, and I hope that I can continue to jump well and keep jumping higher than I did today, but for now I’m not really thinking about anything except enjoying this moment and enjoying what I just did.

For me, I just try to jump high. I love pole vaulting so much and I’ve loved it ever since I was just a little kid. If I’m able to take pole vaulting to another level and I can get as much eyes as possible watching it by jumping really high and doing some cool things, then that’s a job well done by me.

I like where I’m at, I’m gonna try to keep building on this. For me it’s very nice because it’s a lot shorter competition and I think that it’s a lot easier to be fresh at that world record height.

And so I think the format of the Diamond League final is super nice for me to go out and attempt world record and in this case break it. I’ve been jumping pretty well here, though.

And especially the new stadium, I’m two for two right now on world records coming here to Hayward. I think it’s just a combination of everything -- it has absolutely everything. It has the history, it has the modern touch.

The track is really fast, the crowd and energy is fantastic. Everything just building up to what I need to be able to break world record."


Disque dames : Valarie Alaman (USA), battue aux mondiaux, termine sa saison en beauté avec une victoire grâce à un lancer à 68.66m


3000m hommes : Encore une course sensationnelle, le public Américain est vraiment chanceux d'assister à de telles performances depuis hier, avec Jakob Ingebrigtsen qui s'impose en 7'23"63 et seulement 0.01sec d'avance sur Yomif Kejelcha. Le Norvégien bat le record d'Europe et 3e chrono de l'histoire.

"(about his upcoming wedding) I’m lucky to have a fiance that’s putting in a lot of hard work. Now I’m looking forward to that. Now I’m finishing off the season and I’m happy with that.

A lot of great memories, so it’s obviously a great time coming back and obviously hoping to perform good every time. It’s always a great experience so I’m very happy to finish off my season here.

I’m just focusing on myself and trying to run as fast as I can, and if it was a goal to break the records in any events, I would probably do things differently.

But I think I’m definitely going to improve in the future if I continue doing what it takes in my training and obviously believing in my work and in myself. I think times will come when I run faster in everything."


400m dames : Victoire de la favorite Marileidy Paulino (DOM) en 49'58

Longueur dames : La championne du monde Ivana Vuleta (SER) gagne avec un bond à 6.85m

110m haies : Magnifique chrono pour Hansley Parchment (JAM) victorieux en 12'93 (+0.9) et MPM 2023.

100m haies : Encore un temps de folie avec la Nigériane Tobi Amusan qui profite d'un vent à +1.8, mais régulier, pour gagner en 12'33.

Poids hommes : Duel Américain avec Joe Kovacs qui surprend le N°1 mondial Ryan Crouser avec un lancer à 22.93m, record de sa saison.


800m dames : Revancharde après une performance décevante aux mondiaux, l'espoir Athing Mu (USA) remet les pendules à l'heure en s'imposant en 1'54"97, record national et MPM 2023.

200m hommes : Superbe victoire pour le Canadien Andre de Grasse avec un 19'76 (+0.6m), son meilleur chrono en 2023.


200m dames : Cette merveilleuse soirée dans l'Oregon se termine en feu d'artifice avec le 21'57 (+0.3m) de la championne du monde Shericka Jackson (JAM), 4e chrono de l'histoire, tout près de son record personnel.

"Funny enough last year one of my goals I wrote that how I wanted to get two trophies. I didn't get two trophies last year and I rewrote that again, that I wanted two trophies this year. I got it and I’m grateful.

The end of the season. I’m healthy and I ran some fast times. So I’m definitely grateful."