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Mercredi 7 septembre

Poids hommes :  Ce meeting Weltklasse de Zurich débute avec une performance extraordinaire de Joe Kovacs. L'Américain signe un jet monstrueux à 23.23m, à seulement 0.14cm du record du monde de Ryan Crouser réussi en juin 2021.

Kovacs réussit avec ce jet la 2e meilleure performance de l'histoire !

"I am super excited. I had so many throws this year over 22.80m. So I feel like I was building and building. It feels good to finally click the box and be a 23m shot putter. There is a bigger throw left in there. So it feels good to walk away from a PR and I want more, but it is also exciting because I know the level is getting better and better.

On whether the street event helped him to achieve this: I think it is really fun. As a shot putter I want to thank World Athletics for using us because we do not need too much space. So any time you need street competitions or more competitions we are excited to be part of it.

Especially if you tell us to use a little bit more chalk. Of course, this meeting is a bit different and has other consequences and you want to make sure you win. Every street competition we try to put on a show, make the crowd happy. Maybe cheers and beers is a good idea.

We really love to be part of that and we are thankful for that. On the secret for being on a top level for seven years: We keep making this sport better – Ryan is pushing it, I am pushing it, Tom is coming back. If you want to be good you have to keep getting better all the time.

As much as this is annoying, as a competitor, as it makes it harder, it makes the sport better. And I am super thankful for that. I know that Ryan will throw further so I will have to throw even further next year.

On his expectations for 2023: My wife is pregnant with twins. So I expect to get enough sleep to open up the season and be in a good shape. You do not want to go backwards. If you have a level you want to stay at that level. Now with a throw of 23, my goal for next year is to be able to achieve 23.50m."



Poids dames : Chase Ealey (USA) en favorite s'impose avec 20.19m.


Perche dames : Nina Kennedy (AUS) termine sa saison en beauté avec une victoire à 4.81m.


5000m dames : Doublé des Kenyanes avec Beatrice Chebet victorieuse en 14'31 juste devant Margaret Kipkemboi


Hauteur hommes : Très beau concours avec un succès, aux essais, du champion olympique Gianmarco Tamberi (ITA), avec 2.34m, tout comme Juvaugh Harrison, qu'on a finalement peu vu cet été.

"I arrived in Eugene with some problems, I had an injury. And I am very happy with my performance. Now I have my SB I the last meeting of the season. The city events are the future of track and field. I stopped jumping because of the rain.

With a little change, we can change the situation of the track when it is raining. Right now, it was a bit scary. I am happy that in the end I took the win. The crowd knows how much I entertain them. So when I asked them to be silent and to stop clapping, this gives me extra energy in an important moment.

I had the exact same situation already at indoor championships in Glasgow where I also managed an important jump there. Jumping so close to the people is really crazy. I adore that. I have been missing this atmosphere for so long. The audience of Zurich is really exceptional.

They are so crazy, they give me so much energy. Thank you very much. I can perform better if the audience is so close, definitely. I can feels their emotions. It is like jumping in a team, it is a team effort. I do not feel distracted at all by the audience.

I have been working on how to concentrate and on how to stay focused on myself, on my technique. I will now go on a honeymoon to Maledives, Bali and Singapoore."


5000m hommes : Nicholas Kipkorir, encore un Kenyan, gagne cette épreuve avec un excellent chrono de 12'59"05

"I was struggling at first, so I decided not to stay with the fastest group. But then I managed to close the gap, it was not too big for me, so it was not too difficult for me to close it. On the last laps, decided to approach them and kick for the final lap.

On whether he had a special preparation: I was not prepared-prepared, I never trained serious. I was not well prepared. On whether Kenyans helped each other today: We Kenyans help each other. I aim to get higher, to make history.

This is my last competition, I will go back home to Kenya. Then I start preparing for next year. Next year we have some cross country in early March, so I will work hard to prepare for that. I want to be part of the Kenyan team. My holiday - I will spend some time with my family and with my fans."



Jeudi 8 septembre

Triple saut hommes : Concours de très haut niveau avec le succès du Cubain Andy Diaz Fernandez avec un bond énorme à 17.70m, record personnel. Picardo 2e avec 17.63m, Diaz Fortun 3e avec 17.60m.


Triple saut dames : Du haut vol également chez les filles avec Yulimar Rojas (VEN) qui signe un saut à 15.28m. Maryna Bekh Romanchuk, championne d'Europe, 2e avec un excellent 14.96m.

"I am very pleased for being able to finish my season with a Diamong League win. It was not a great mark, but I am still happy considering it was a long season, full of ups and downs. To win here back to back, I am happy with it, and being able to do it here in Zurich.

It has been a very successful year for me, with many wins. I put in a lot of effort into this, and I am over the moon with coming here and to renew my title. It was not the mark that I had hoped for, but I am proud of the work I did this year. The crowd here is incredible, really incredible.

To be honest, at the time the Triple Jump started there was not many people around, and had to wait for the stadium to fill up but right now it is an amazing atmosphere. It is very special to be able to compete in this environment.

My goal for next year is to improve my shape, both physically and in terms of my technique - there are some details that need some fine tuning.

I am alredy thinking about next Summer, and the World Championships in Budapest - also, I want to continue to enjoy what I do, and enjoy this crowd that supports Athletics, and to provide them with a better show than what they saw here tonight."


Hauteur dames : Sur sa lancée, après Bruxelles, Yaroslava Mahuchikh (UKR) passe encore une fois une barre impressionnante, placée à 2.03m


Disque hommes : Victoire du colosse Tchèque Kristjan Ceh avec un très bon 67.10m


Disque dames : Beau duel entre Valarie Allman (NZL) victorieuse avec 67.77m et Sandra Perkovic (CRO) 67.31m


400m dames : Un superbe chrono pour la première course de la soirée avec Marileidy Paulino (DOM) qui gagne avec un énorme 48'99, MPM 2022 et record national à la clé.


400m hommes : Kirani James, le champion des Iles Grenade, décroche un nouveau succès sur le tour de piste en 44'26.


100m haies : Encore un coup de tonnerre signé Tobi Amusan (NIG) qui remporte cette course en 12'29, record du meeting, vent -0.3m/s


Perche hommes : Battu à Bruxelles, le phénomène Armand Duplantis (SUE) reprend son vol avec un saut incroyable à 6.07m, record du meeting.

"I mean this is everything. If I come into this competition and I don´t perform well, the whole season, which was so amazing, it doesn´t feel as good as it should feel. To end like this and be able to walk away with a win - my second Diamond League trophy and another meeting record - it is the perfect cherry on top.

It really was an awesome season. [After having jumped over 6 metres 15 times this season. How can he top this?] 16 times, exactly! I had a lot of great competitions, but I think being able to jump 6 metres so many times, it shows this is the kind of jumper that I am right now.

In any competition, on any given day, I should think I should be able to jump 6 metres - same goals next year. We are going to try and cranck it up another notch. After the break, I don´t know. I always want to be improving, so this fall I am going to try that.

It is hard to think about next season right now. I am living the moment right now. I am really enjoying this trophy. I am going to have a good time, and I am going to celebrate this whole year because it was an amazing one."


110m haies : Toujours un niveau de folie sur ce meeting avec la victoire de Grant Holloway (USA) en 13'02 devant Rasheed Broadbell (JAM), 13'06, malgré 1m de vent défavorable.

"My start was good and I kept my composure all race through. I was very consistant. This win means a lot to me, it is huge, it is heavy as shit. This year was perfect for me, winning the triple, i.e. indoors, outdoors and the diamond league final.

This was my first year in the diamond league circuit, my first diamond league final. I did what I had to do. Zurich is amazing. I cannot wait to come back. I find here everything I love. I am so excited. I cannot wait for next year.


Longueur hommes : Nouvelle victoire pour l'excellent Miltiadis Tentoglou (GRE) avec un saut parfait à 8.42m.


Longueur dames : Ivana Vuleta Spanovic (SER) médaillée d'or à Munich, flirte avec les 7m et s'impose avec un bond mesuré à 6.97m.


1500m hommes : Jakob Ingebrigtsen, le roi de la discipline, termine sa saison en beauté avec un 3'29"02, MPM 2022

"This has been a good Diamond League final. Of course, I have been doing a lot of mileage in between - but at the same time, there has not been so many races this season, we had a lot of championships, so first we are going to have to build the fundamentals of going into a championships.

I would love to have had the chance of running more races, so I could run faster. However, I have been able to have some good races in those that I have been in - like Lausanne and now here in Zurich - but every race lives its own. I would have loved to get more races, but we are going to have to wait for next year.

I will get a couple of weeks relaxing now, but I want to keep on working, and keep on training - it is tough mentally, training and sleeping, but definitely need to relax a bit. I want to run faster though, and it is the competition that drives me forward, so I just need to stick to my training during winter and come back stronger next summer.

It was amazing to run in a sold out stadium, so many people here feels awesome. Of course, I am happy with tonight, and also with the season overall. There are always things you can improve - like you can always run faster - but of course, I am happy. You can always get better, and I will try to do that."


Javelot hommes : Neeraj Chopra, la star de l'athlé Indien, impressionne de nouveau avec un jet à 88.44m


100m dames : Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce (JAM), 5 fois championne du monde, surnommée Mummy Rocket affole le chrono avec un 10'65 magnifique, record du meeting, malgré -0.8m/s de vent.

"I am really looking forward to my next season, and I would love to come again. I am just excited to be here, and to have won. I am feeling good to be able to come here and compete. This was remarkable, and I am very proud that I came away with a 10.65 - I started with a 10.6 and I finish with a 10.6 so there is nothing more I could ask for.

When I came out here, and saw the crowdm, I said to myself "Oh my God, there is a lot of people!", but you know, that is what track & field is all about. We want to have full stadiums, and sold out crowds. We definitely want to feel that energy, as it really helps us athletes.

We don´t want to be in a dead stadium where nobody understands what is going on. To be able to see the excitement and to hear the silence is beautiful.

I am glad they were able to see good times. I got my haird done in Zurich. I just found a stylist, and needed to get my braids done. I hope you guys can offer me some residency here."


100m hommes : Trayvon Bromell (USA) gagne cette course en patron avec un 9'94 de bonne facture.


400m haies dames : La fabuleuse Femke Bol (HOL), triple championne d'Europe à Munich, s'impose largement avec un temps de 53'03, comme toujours excellent.

"I will go on holiday with the prize. I alway say that if I win a lot of money, I will put it all towards a holiday. I am going to Greece - actually, it is already booked, it is nothing too luxurious, just a nice holiday to lay on the beach for two weeks - I will be happy.

It is hard to evaluate the season, because last year I called it my dream season. I think I am still in the clouds, like I am dreaming. I am becoming older and a professional - it has been amaying, and I have really challenged myself to do the double at the Europeans with the 400 flat and the hurdles - I think I am pushing my boundaries.

I was asked the same question five years ago, and I said that I hope I will be running 54 seconds, and go into World finals and look where I am now. I am not really good with this kind of questions, but I hope I am still runnind at Diamond League finals, and to be in the biggest world stages and fightinbg for the medals.

I that is what the dream is, to be able to do it consistently and become a great athlete. I hope one day I can win at world level, but for now I am happy with what I am doing. Of course,

I want to win, but if you are in a race with the best ones, this pushes you to become even better. You just need to try even harder, challenge yourself and relish every opportunity. I will keep trying and improving on myself, and see how fast I can get. Summing up the 2022 season in one word - incredible!


400m haies hommes : Alison Dos Santos régale lui aussi le public connaisseur du Letzigrund en passant sous la barre des 47'. Le Brésilien passe la ligne en 46'98.


800m dames : Belle victoire de Mary Moraa (KEN) en 1'57"63


800m hommes : Encore une MPM 2022 avec l'incroyable Emmanuel Kipkirui Korir vainqueur en 1'43"26 juste devant le Canadien Marco Arop 1'43"36

"The last few metres were very tough. I never expected to be be this tough, but I did it. I was still behind in the last 200 metres - maybe the first 600 were a bit too slow - so I had to push it hoping I could finish second or third.

I managed to come first in the end though. It is not about the secret, this is the result of hard work and a lot of training. You know, I was a bit behind today, but I did not give up - I will always do my best, and now I have the Diamond League trophy."


200m dames : Shericka Jackson, autre fusée Jamaïcaine, s'impose avec un 21'80 ultra rapide.


200m hommes : Ce Weltklasse 2022, de très très haut niveau, se termine en beauté avec la victoire du patron de la discipline, Noah Lyles (USA) avec un chrono de 19'52 supersonique.

"I do not like uneven numbers so I think I have to come back to get another throphy. To be honest, it was a great race. Now, it is feeling some special today and of course, this all year it was all about running faster and faster. It is everything.

The one thing is the win and the next is that everybody knows that the moment has just happened. Breaking the meet records and beating the fastests in the world, that it all about it. It just takes another year to run even faster.

I already have so many plans. It has been an amazing season. It has been my best season ever. And that is exactly what I was set to do this year. No pressure, just have got to enjoy it and let it happen."