Snowboard cross - Coupe du monde Secret Garden



Finale dames

“I am tired, really tired. The course is really long and you have to work super hard across all the rollers.

It was a really tough fight; I was expecting the girls to come for me. Especially in the third bank it was really tight, but I told myself that I have to make it, there is no other way.

So, I am super happy to have made it,” a very tired Samkova said in the finish.



Finale hommes

“It was super tight, I made a really fast start and knew there would be a draft, but I tried to chill more in the upper section and come for some draft myself.

But the race ends on the finish line, so I knew it was going to be tight, but it turned out well,” a happy Haemmerle commented.


Les classements

* Vendredi 26 novembre

Qualifications dames ICI 

Qualifications hommes ICI 


* Dimanche 28 novembre

Phase finale dames ICI

Phase finale hommes ICI