Top 3 Veysonnaz / dames

1/ Sandra Naeslund (SWE)

2/ Marielle Thompson (CAN)

3/ Fanny Smith (SUI)

“Well, that first jump was not great and I had some balance troubles, but I am happy to have managed to win one more race, even though it was really close. I could feel Hannah at the back of my skis, but managed to do some fast skiing to take the win,” said Sandra Naeslund.


Top 3 Veysonnaz / hommes

1/ David Mobaerg (SWE)

2/ Simone Deromedis (ITA)

3/ Brady Leman (CAN)

“It was a tough racing all the way from the beginning and I was hunting down (Simone) Deromedis all the way and then I had a little slip stream, but did good in the middle part and managed to take it into the finish and over the line. It just feels so good,” winner David Mobaerg commented in the finish.



Top 3 / Coupe du monde dames

1 – Sandra Naeslund (SWE)

2 – Fanny Smith (SUI)

3 – Marielle Thompson (CAN)


Top 3 / Coupe du monde hommes

1 – Ryan Regez (SUI)

2 – Terence Tchiknavorian (FRA)

3 – Bastien Midol (FRA)


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