Source conférence de presse FIS

Therese Johaug

«I am really happy to be back on the top of the podium again. Krista was starting 30 seconds in front of me so I saw her and I tried to push myself so in the second round we went together.

Of course I know that I have the preassure to go well tomorrow on my but I know that I need good skis and a good shape. But this day was really important for the mini tour and now I have a good chance to fight for the first place in the overall tomorrow.»


Iivo Niskanen

«It is for sure one of my fav places here in Ruka and i hae to say that today there were more people on the track than ever so it was an emotional feeling to cross the finish line.»

«I feel strong and I have trained really hard. Here it’s easy to ski behind even there are many large hills but today was windy and cold conditions so it was much easier to stay behind and on my second lap was maybe too fast for me so the last lap was surviving.»


Krista Pärmäkoski

«I am happy with my result and for sure Theresa helped me  and I think when Terese got to me she helped me in the last kilometers and I felt that I was quite fast in the downhill and the flat part but she is so so good in the uphill and I just had to stay behind her.»


Johannes Høsflot Klæbo

«Iivo Niskanen was pushing me hard in his first round and I was trying to stay with him but then he was just stopping and let me take the lead and that was not the plan but it was a tough decision so I had to push really hard and …

he showed today that he was in a really good shape but I am very happy with my second rank.»


Natalia Nepryaeva

«I am very happy with the result despite I was not so fast on the first lap but in the second lap I reached my maximum speed and could close the gap to the leaders.»


Emil Iversen

«I start second tomorrow and I have a good race ahead of me tomorrow. I am happy with my shape and proud of my race today as I think that was one of my best races.»

«I am in a good position for tomorrows race and I am in a good shape so it will be a cool race, maybe even with a sprint between me and Johannes and for sure that is not easy.»